Supplier Compliance, Risk Management (SCRM) and Development Webinar Series

With most companies desiring to increase Supplier collaboration to reduce costs, improve quality, minimize risks and accelerate innovation, current manual paper based and minimal supplier data exchanges make these business outcomes appear unachievable.
This webinar series will discuss how a formative strategy enables you to get started, incrementally improve your Supplier processes and achieve your Supplier business objectives.

SCRM for FSMA, BRC, SQF, etc.

  • Sustainable Approved and Preferred Supplier List
  • Automated certificate recertification
  • Automated reminders
  • Supplier Behavioral Risk Management
  • Support for Suppliers, Distributors, Reseller and Brokers

Material and Packaging Collaboration

  • Development quick data exchange
  • Compliance Specification and Document exchange
  • Supplier Chain GMP Specifications
  • Alternate suppliers
  • Supply points

Auditing, nonconformance and COA monitoring

  • Audits
  • Nonconformance management
  • Claims and adverse effect root cause management
  • COA/ASN/Shipment monitoring

Supplier Development

  • Supplier site visits
  • Supplier improvement plans
  • Supplier benchmarking
  • Training
  • Involvement of suppliers in the buyer’s new product development process.
  • Intensive information exchange with suppliers.

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We look forward to accelerating your Supplier Development progress and achieving your business goals.