Product SpecSafe

Digital Business mandates

  • Increased agility
  • Minimized cycle-times
  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced risk-management
  • Active risk-management
  • Eliminate re-entry
  • Eliminate redundant documents

From Ad-hoc Communication to Partnering

Ad-hoc Communication Collaborate
(Data and Documents)
Paper based, redundant and error-prone process work with customers to collect data and documents in the cloud

Automate Documents, Specification, Tech Datesheets and customer Updates

Detect risks based on customer responses, manage nonconformance/auditing

Integrate tools to Improve customer productivity

Product SpecSafe supports seamless flow of information to all partners

Features and Benefits of Product SpecSafe

1. Context Based Content Improves Accuracy and Compliance
Effective collaboration requires a cloud based application designed to aid entry of only relevant information and documents

Intelligent templates sorted by Category, Region and Customer

Automated notification and cloud based entry, with validation and lists; improved collaboration

Approved content and documents with expiration dates eliminate entry and minimize error

2. Immediate Value to the Enterprise
Accurate, timely and compliant information improves confidence and innovation

R&D, Quality, Compliance, Sales & Customers use the same data – not simply enter it

All published information is created from accurate, complete and updated data

Version  and Document Storage Management eliminates the risk of redundant and obsolete documents

3. Partnering to improve customer intimacy
Cloud based applications networks with dedicated customer channels to maximize customer value added capability

Enter additional tests, studies, videos and digital assets for current customer or products of interest to potential customers

Customer can securely login, search and investigate optimal use of products that might be of use

Customer can request new products, samples, pricing or presentations

 Versioning & Recertification

  • Eliminates the need for multiple shared directories and serves as a single Source of the Truth
  • Significantly reduces the risk of improper storage and erroneous usage of documents.
Paper Based Scenario
Product SpecSafe Scenario