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Most PLM users struggle with disconnected and manual processes interacting with Suppliers, Contract Manufacturers, Customers and Manufacturing.
We bridge the gap.

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Is Your Food PLM Slowed by Manual Collaboration Processes?

Oakbarrel is the industry-leading and trusted platform that efficiently powers your customer engagement innovation.

Manual Data Entry : Eliminate redundant data entry across spreadsheets, emails, and PDFs.
Email Overload : Break free from endless back-and-forth emails causing delays.
Time Wasted Searching for Documents in Departmental Data Silos : Quickly search and find information and certificates.
Supplier Productivity Issues : Supplier Self Service eliminates 100s of emails and eliminates wasted lag time.
Out of Date Information : Automated Recertification and Reminders reduce the risk of out of date and incomplete information.
Version Control Issues : Ensure everyone has access to the latest approved data.
Limited Visibility : Gain real-time insights into risks and performance.

Break Free by integrating Collaborative Solutions with your PLM

  • Extend your core PLM workflows with Collaborative workflows.
  • Real-time data sharing platform for all stakeholders.
  • Centralized repository for approved documents and specifications.
  • Streamlined communication tools.

Unleash the Potential: Collaboration Made Easy

Faster Time-to-Market

Streamlined workflows and real-time communication speed up product launches. (e.g., Reduce time-to-market by X%)

Reduced Errors

Eliminate data re-entry for improved accuracy and compliance.

Enhanced Visibility

Real-time data insights for faster decision-making.

Stronger Partnerships

Improved communication and collaboration with suppliers and manufacturers.

Increased Innovation

Free up time and resources to focus on new product development.

Empowering Food Manufacturers with Quality, Innovation, and Compliance by Extending PLM Collaboration.

At Oak Barrel Software, we’re passionate about revolutionizing the food manufacturing industry. Our cutting-edge collaborative solutions empower businesses to thrive in a dynamic landscape, ensuring quality, driving innovation, and maintaining compliance. Effective compliance is key to achieving optimal effectiveness and efficiency.

Composable Applications:

With standard and custom Oak Barrel Objects - Composable Applications can be assembled to support more complex use cases. Some examples of our Customer-Composed applications include:

  • Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) is a Composed Application that collapsed a Recipe, Package, Test Order, COA and Regulatory Checks into one streamlined Application that eliminated redundant data entry and multiple manual processes.
  • Store Created Item Form (SCIF) is a Composed Application collapsed a Formula, Package, Processing and Handling Instructions and Regulatory checks into one streamlined collaborative Application that eliminated redundant data entry and traditional manual processes
  • Complex Packaging Process is a Composed Application that inherits from VISA, Category and Item Specifications, into one streamlined process that inherits internal mandated data with approved supplier data to increase the first pass approval on item specifications to >90%

Let’s explore how our QIC (Quality, Innovation, and Compliance) platform sets us apart.

QIC Platform: A Collaborative Ecosystem

Continuous Innovation at Your Fingertips

Our QIC platform isn’t just software; it’s an ecosystem that fuels creativity, collaboration, and growth. Here’s what it offers:

  • Integration: Seamlessly connect with your existing PLM or Recipe Management systems. Reuse master data, process requests, and automate workflows. Our REST API integration ensures smooth communication.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Work confidently with suppliers, customers, contract manufacturers and internal departments. Exchange information securely, review changes, and approve seamlessly.
  • Digital Chain of Custody: Achieve end-to-end data integrity. Our platform ensures a digital thread with manufacturing, safeguarding critical information.

Modular Rollouts: Your Pace, Your ROI

Think Strategically Start Small, Scale At Your Pace

We understand that every journey begins with a single step. That’s why we offer modular rollouts:

  • Collaboration: Begin with the collaboration hub that suits your needs. No rigid formulas—just flexibility.
  • Integrate: Connect with other PLM or recipe management solutions. Our open design allows seamless integration (e.g., Reduce time-to-market by X%)..
  • Optimal ROI: Incrementally scale at your pace. Think big, start right, and reap the rewards.

Configure Your Solution to be User-Friendly

Forms and Workflows Tailored to You
  • Template Editor: Customize forms to match your workflow. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions.
  • Workflow Engine: Automate processes efficiently. No costly customizations required.

Security Beyond the Firewall

Collaborate Confidently
  • Intellectual Property Protection: Our collaborative solutions reside outside the firewall, ensuring your IP remains secure.
  • Performance Dashboards: Collaborators benefit from real-time insights and self-service options.

QIC Platform
(Quality, Innovation and Compliance)

Continuous Innovation Collaborative Business Process for Process PLM

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