OakBarrel Software evolved from the founders of Formation Systems, the original creator of Optiva. Over a decade, Formation Systems became the premier PLM application vendor with proven solutions for Food and Beverage customers. When Infor acquired Formation Systems, many of the key PLM resources joined OakBarrel Software; and ever since, we have been continuously working on:
  • Global deployments
  • Implementations
  • Integrations and extensions to the Optiva application
OakBarrel Software uses industry Best Practices and works closely with your team throughout the project to:
  • Clearly define the business goals
  • Identify business requirements
  • Validate the effectiveness of the proposed solution
  • Configure
  • Deploy the final product

 Think Big, Start Right, Incrementally Scale

OakBarrel Software solutions allow customers to “think big, start right, and incrementally scale” your implementation based on:

  • Business requirements
  • Time frame
  • Budgets

With our proposed set of modules and implementation, companies can achieve their business objectives. The OakBarrel Software Best Practice Solution configuration is designed to minimize the cost to change processes or to upgrade to new releases.

Full Range of Implementation Services

OakBarrel Software provides a full range of Optiva implementation services including:

  • Project Management
  • Business Process Consulting
  • Design
  • Configuration
  • Interface Development
  • Report Development
  • Rollout
  • Application Support
Additionally, OakBarrel Software provides On-site Optiva PLM Administrator and End–user Training.